Incorporating New Literacies into the K-6 Curriculum Through Inquiry and Choice


  • Connecting With Experts:
  • Locating: Using search engines and reading search engine results
  • Learning: Using Internet Workshop to determine key ideas, evaluate sources, and consider online reading strategies - read more at Leu, 2002 Internet Workshop: Making Time for Literacy
  • Read what other schools are doing to explore the Internet and digital tools with (Information Literacy for Young Digital Citizens)

  • Sharing with an audience for a real purpose
  • Foundational components of Digital Writing Workshop (Troy Hicks, 2009) include choice & inquiry*, conferring*, author craft, publishing*, and assessment
  • To explore some online tools and resources for getting started with your Digital Writing Workshops, click here.
  • Several ideas about responding from a teacher's blog, Teaching in the 21st Century.


How are students using online tools in ways that matter? Post your ideas at this Wallwisher board (for Group A) to share with others. (Group B - Use this Wallwisher).

If you're ready to start your own inquiries with your students, some starting places: